Restaurant Review: Fig & Olive at Melrose Place

Once in a while I find myself at a restaurant that’s particularly tempting – gluten and dairy-wise, that is. Fig & Olive is one of those places. With a menu that’s laden with (figs, olives) crostini’s and cheese plates, it’s quite a challenge to stay fulfilled within my constraints.

While my dinner company chomped down on fresh-and-hot-from-the-oven bread and olive oils (yes, that’s plural),

I thought numbing myself with a glass of White Sangria seemed like a good idea.

It was. And shout out to the lovely waiter who had the bartender make it (it wasn’t on the menu – and it was divine.)

Having perused the menu in  advance (as always), I was prepared to steer away from the standard tapas style ordering and opt for one of the safe choice entrees. You know the drill – protein and veggies – WAH WAH…. Then, as a surprise addition, there was a new Seafood Paella on the menu – sold. Rice, seafood, saffron – done. Normally I steer clear of Paella unless it’s beach-side in Marbella, because it’s terrible more often than good, but I was in a gambling kind of mood.

As you can see, just gorgeous. And delicious. MMMM. The menu described the Paella as having chicken – which I was quite please it was missing – and an array of seafood. The rice was seasoned perfectly, moist and perfectly in proportion to the seafood. Delicate, flavorful and each piece of seafood cooked to perfection. Not rubbery, overly fishy or too saffron-heavy, a simply ideal Paella. Well done Fig & Olive.

Fig & Olive

8490 Melrose Place
West Hollywood, CA 90069
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