Bakery Review: Breakaway Bakery on Pico

Hello, hello! I’m back after a little blog-break. Have been in the middle of a Hot Yoga challenge and food just hasn’t been top priority:) I’m nearing the end of a 60 day challenge and find myself missing the kitchen and starting to dream up some recipes for the summer months. Now that I’m back,  I have a very sweet review for you.

I’ve had Breakaway Bakery on my radar for some time now and finally had the occasion to stop by. The owner/baker-genius, Janice, was kind enough to give me a little tour of her decadent confections and a sampling of my choosing. Hello kid in a candy store syndrome. Dangerous (for my waistline.)

The bakery caters to a whole host of food allergies/dietary restrictions as well as being organic AND kosher. Despite the limitations of ingredients she can bake with, Janice manages to turn out the tastiest treats, worthy of any butter-filled bakery! Unlike a lot of places (I won’t name names), Breakaway only serves up baked goods that taste amazing – not just ones that look amazing;) Lucky for me, everything at Breakaway is Gluten and Dairy free, so you can only imagine the joy I was experiencing just being there.

First off, the bakery.




You get the idea.

As for the baked goods…


I tried bites of the Pumpkin Muffin, Raspberry/Cranberry Crumble Bar, Chocolate Chip Challah Roll, Apricot Pinch, and my absolute favorite, the Orange Brownie Dipper.

Every single item I tasted was delicious and miles better than any other Gluten Free/Dairy Free baked good in LA. Not only is presentation on par (if not better) than any other bakery in town, but the flavors, texture and overall appeal of Janice’s treats are spectacular!

Janice tells me that not only does Breakaway do sweets, but also breads and bagels. In fact, if you have a particular craving (everything bagels for example) and call in advance, Janice and her team will whip them up! AMAZING!

If you live in the LA area and you haven’t been there I’m jealous because you get to experience Breakaway for the very first time! Go soon and get ready for a very sweet treat:

Breakaway Bakery

5264 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019

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