Restaurant Review: Faux Pas on 3rd Street

Faux Pas: Literal french translation is False Step. In common English used to describe a social blunder or misstep.

For whatever reason, there’s a new French bistro on the corner of 3rd and Fairfax that thought this would be a good name. Hmm. Considering that this spot is seemingly restaurant-cursed, it’s pretty ballsy of them to choose a name that’s basically begging for complaints using their name as a leading argument.

Any who….

The restaurant is adorable and has more seating than you’d expect. There’s two sides to the dining room that offer very different ambiance. The left is airy and well lit – feels like al fresco dining even in the internal area. The right is a darker bistro-vibe, a bit cozier and mellow.

The service seemed good until the food was served and it became abundantly clear that the waiter hadn’t actually listened to anything I said about my food allergies. I order a steak with potatoes and mentioned my dairy allergy – so no butter. The waiter said he’d be sure to note it and omit the sauce (if necessary.) Since one other person at the table (sans allergies) ordered exactly the same thing, when the meal was served (both looking exactly the same) we wanted to be sure which was dairy free. The server had no idea and when the waiter came by, it was as if he had no recollection of our butter convo. Luckily the steak wasn’t cooked in butter, so no bigs, but honestly, a bit pathetic.

The steak was cooked well and overall the meal was tasty. The overall consensus at the table was that this would be a great brunch spot, but the service isn’t really up to dinner standards. They do have a cool carpooling incentive (never seen this before)

Great idea for the 3rd street – other restaurants please take note!

Faux Pas

7910 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles CA, 90048

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