Review: Cocomo Joe Cocomocorn

I’ve been told that I’m a bit of a cinema snob. As in, there’s one theater that I LOVE to go to, and all others, inevitably, pale in comparison (and I tend to be rather vocal about it.) Arclight Hollywood is my fave. It’s amazing. If you’ve never been there I equally feel sorry for you for never having been and envy the fact that one day you will have that first time experience of an Arclight theater.

What makes this place SO special you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s not the exceptional cinema quality and superior sound. It’s not even fact that you can choose your seats ahead of time and roll in right at movie time. Neither is it the no ads before the movie nor the perky Arclight ushers who introduce the film LIVE just before it starts. It’s all of it.

The one thing I can no longer appreciate about Arclight is the super delicious and decadent caramel corn that they sell at concessions. It is freshly packaged (I imagine) just moments before you order it just after the freshly popped corn has been bathed in a luscious pool of buttery caramel. Honestly, even if you don’t like caramel corn, you will like this. Unfortunately for me, this dairy free lifestyle means no Arclight caramel corn for me.


Thankfully, there’s Cocomojo and his surprisingly yummy Gluten and Dairy free Caramel Corn, Cocomocorn, to the rescue! Made with coconut oil, there’s a faint toasted coconut flavor in the background which enhances this perfectly sweet treat. It’s just the right texture, sweetness and the corn is perfectly crunchy and fresh. What’s better is that all of Cocomojoe’s snacks are guilt free thanks to the organic and thoughtfully selected ingredients that he uses.

HIGHLY recommended.

Arclight, consider yourself warned. I will be sneaking in my own caramel corn from now on.

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