As a self-described foodie, who shamefully admits to wasting precious evenings in Paris eating nothing but Foie Gras and toast, an entire day in London trekking to The Fat Duck for a 14 course pilgrimage-meal (and many more deplorably-indulgent moments dedicated solely to food), I was horrified to learn about my newly developed food allergies in late 2011.  This blog is dedicated to my quest to ditch Gluten and Dairy in 2012 – without losing my mind.  Following the news of my dairy allergy and gluten intolerance in late 2011 and a few weeks of gorging myself on smelly french cheese and gorgeous buttery french bread, I officially gave up the bad stuff in early January.

Follow my story as it unfolds and get some (hopefully) helpful tips on what to eat if you’re faced with a similar situation.  I’ll be reviewing Supermarket foods and those available in LA area restaurants that are Gluten and Dairy free.  I promise to be honest and welcome any comments or suggestions you might have!

I’ll also be including a taste of my life in LA – fun places to go, see and do. After all – food isn’t everything…at least that’s what I keep telling myself;)



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